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Dear Search Committee,

I am excited to be in conversation with you about becoming your next minister.

As you explore this website, you will find out more about me, my ministry, and how I currently see the important partnership between minister and community coming alive in a congregational setting.

A theme in my ministry and my life has been one of creating connections and building bridges. I see the ministry I bring to congregational life as being one of shaping institutions in ways that better facilitate deep religious community across theological difference.

The purpose of that deeper religious community development is to create a home from which members can interact with the larger world and bring the values of Unitarian Universalism to all that they do in life.

In Community,

Kevin W. Jagoe

Note: Several areas of this site are password protected until our “packet swap” stage. Please contact me for the password and I will be happy to provide it. Once I am named your Candidate, the website will be available to all members of the congregation.