Hello BuxMont!



Dear BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,

I am very excited to be invited as your Candidate at the end of April. For both BuxMont and for myself, the journey through the search process has been a long one. Your Ministerial Search Committee has been an amazing partner as I have learned more about the BuxMont community.

A theme in my ministry and my life has been one of creating connections and building bridges. I see the ministry I bring to congregational life as one of shaping institutions in ways that better facilitate deep religious community across theological difference. The purpose of that deeper religious community development is to create a home from which our members can interact with the larger world and bring the values of Unitarian Universalism to all that they do in life. BuxMont is a place already creating amazing Unitarian Universalist community with people representing many theological paths and practices. I hope to add to that great foundation in our ministry together.

My background includes more than a decade of work in the nonprofit sector with organizations ranging in size from five members to several thousand. I was a very dedicated lay leader in my home congregation (First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis) and have been on staff with four UU congregations. Prior to seminary, I completed a BA in anthropology, criminal justice, and forensic sciences with minors in psychology and biology. I am a graduate of The Humanist Institute and hold a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management.

This spring I will graduate from Meadville Lombard Theology School and complete my time as Ministerial Intern at First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn and as a Learning Fellow with the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF). Finally, I will complete a term as a board member of the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association this June.

In my ministry at First Unitarian of Brooklyn, I have focused my energy on pastoral care. Together with lay leaders, I have created two groups (day and evening) of lay pastoral care providers; coordinated after worship pastoral care drop in sessions; and facilitated continuing education around what pastoral care is and how to provide it in a congregational setting.

As a CLF Learning Fellow, I have been able to explore the ways that technology expands, rather than replaces, how we gather together in religious community. Whether that be for worship, small group ministry, educational programs, pastoral care, or committee meetings. My approach to incorporating new technologies into how we gather is to find ways for the technology to get out of the way and enhance what we can do together.


My husband Justin and I are native Minnesotans who have been living in Brooklyn, NY the past two years. We are both excited to plant roots in the BuxMont community. Justin is a cinephile and writer with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. I love to knit, read fantasy novels, and am a bit of a techie. We both spend a lot of time at the movies, exploring local restaurants, and traveling to new places.

We are excited to continue our conversation and getting to know you all during Candidating Week, April 28 – May 6.

In Community,

Kevin & Justin